How to Know your Website’s Statistics

You have a website and you want to know how your website is going and you want to know how its ranking are doing. This is why there are software for tracking this kind of matter. There are also competitors of your website so you want to know where you rank.

All the websites made through html, WordPress, or any other programming software that can create a website, can rank depending on the visitors. Actually, website traffic is affected by the content of the website. If there is a traffic, then there will also be a chance to be included as most browsed website. Website owners want to know how people visit website. Are they going to read and respond, are they going to click on the links, where the people are from and how do they respond after opening a page. Will they close it or will they read the page?

All of these can be learned through the software that can generate answers all these questions. An example of this software is the Most people are really doing their best to reach a rank of their website. Another site that can reveal the website’s visitor information is the

The reason why we have to know this is so that we will know what we can do for our website to develop it and keep it running and keep more and more visitors stream to it. To use the sites, just go to¬† the site and type the url of the website and there the result of traffic, counts and visitor’s activities will be displayed. Though it is not perfect but at least it we can have an idea of how it is going.