The most common attacks, problems and solutions for a safe website

There are many sites that open daily because of the rise of the use of the internet. Bloggers are also on the rise and each of them have their own sites. The most commonly used system to manage the content of the website is the WordPress and Joomla. As they are the most common, they are also the subject of attacks that could happen and history has it that it already experienced hacking. In this article let us see the common attacks, problems, and solutions.

You can read the history of hat the two systems used to manage content has undergone. They have their own challenges and they have to be solved so that websites would be secured as it can damage a reputation of a person or a site. You can read also the list and explanations of the most common attacks that the website experience about this elder care service company, see post There are four common attacks that include backdoor and the most common problems include cheap hosting and the third party extension is badly coded.

Now we can see also the list of solutions presented that includes backing up your site, stay educated for updates and other things. It is also better if you use a secure host even if it means higher costs. One of the main key not to be hacked is to use a strong password so that it is not easy to be copied or detected. For each of the two sites, they also include a list of solutions to hacking prevention.