The three effective tools to track how visitors use your website

Building your site without any monitoring cannot give you a complete understanding of how it is effective and if it is helping your organization. Building your own website is that people will know you so you have to know what they want to know, what they want to see, and what they expect you to do. As the people become close to technology so have their own knowledge of things. That is why you should see how your website is helping you by using the tools below.

In the infographic, you can know that one of the powerful tools, as described, is the use of heat map tracking. This one lets you know what the viewers are looking at and what they access on your website. You can see clearly what they usually visit your website and what attracts them and what is not. You can see what makes them come back to your website and that you can use it for your benefit , see some comments 八拓科技 . There are two more tools explained.

The next tool is to use the feedback poll so you can directly know what they want and what they expect. Viewers tend to say comments and suggestions openly when it is not done personally. The advantage of it is you can ask them unlimited questions to find out the data you need. The third tool is to see the record of your visitors on your own website. You will know if your website is interesting enough or needs improvement.