Web Analytics

For every website, it is very important to know and analyze how the visitors react or behave whenever they visit a site. The business industry make use of the internet in order to expand their business and to let their business be known to many target customers especially online. This is possible through a website. Whenever a visitor open a website, it can be shown and analyzed by web analytics. Did you know that there is also a traffic online? This is known as web traffic.

If you have a website for your own business and visitors browse it or visit it, it is known as web traffic. Web analytics measures the number of visitors in a website. It helps the website to be effective and more reliable to the visitors. There are important processes or steps for web analytics. If these processes are carefully followed, the website will be more effective.

Data Collection. Any basic data will be collected. These data refers to the number of things such as the number of viewers.This process focuses on the collection of data or data being gathered.

Basic Data into Information. The data that was gathered or collected will be conformed or transformed into information.

Development of the KPI. KPI is also known as Key Performance Indicators. Most of the time, it deals with conversion and infusion.

Formulation of Online Strategy. For any business, what are its goals or objectives? Surely there must be. Otherwise, the business will not work well. There is also an online competition for businesses. Because of this, web analytics must be applied.