Free Download Lunistice

Free Download Lunistice

This retro-inspired 3D Rail Shooter might remind you of your childhood when you were sitting in front of your N64 or SNES. And that is intended: Lunistice is a homage to these times and was created with the wish in mind, to finally have something similiar on PC.

Slip into the role of Verí and get on board of your Regalia, a spaceship with an advanced AI, to defeat the spawns of darkness coming from the moon. Experience a colorful retro-shooter set in the distant future. A Retro-Shooter in the veins of Star Fox and R-Type – but with a few twists. The design philosophy of Lunistice always followed and follows a simple rule: Don’t reinvent the wheel but improve upon it where technology allows it nowadays.


  • Action fueled gameplay with multiple planets and missions
  • Precision Mode & Strike Mode with a fluent switch between a horizontal shoot ’em up and a 3D rail shooter
  • Extended Combat system with a few twists. Ever had to parry with your spaceship?
  • Colorful characters and their own personality

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